Weight and Stuff Report – 4 August 2011

Down a whole pound today. Quite likely a random fluctuation, and I’ll probably be a wee bit heavier tomorrow, but that makes me just over ten pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest on 2 July. I think that’s pretty good progress so far.

Once again I walked to work, and if today’s Runkeeper and indeed Garmin figures are to be believed, I did it a wee bit quicker, and with a slightly lower maximum heart rate. Which may or may not mean anything.

I’m giving myself a few nights off exercise bike duty – I’m currently planning to start that again on Saturday.

More exciting, or not, reports to come!

Today’s picture is a bit of a relic – the transmitter on what used to be Tyne Tees TV’s building (now called Aerial House, would you believe) has been kept in place and is still an interesting thing to see: