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Weight and Stuff Report – 6 August 2011

Down again today – this is getting to be a habit.

No walking today, as the rain came back with extreme force. It started while I was in Tesco’s, which was rather rude of it, I thought.

But I did persuade myself that getting on the exercise bike and managed the usual twenty minutes. I’d love to show you the heart rate chart, but Garmin seem to have some issues at present:

Garmin Disconnect

Garmin Disconnect

I’ll add a link when they fix it, assuming I remember, of course. OK, it’s working now, so here’s the link to the graph thingy. But enough about weight and panting and sweating, here’s a picture:

Is that the time?

Is that the time?

Patently Ridiculous

For years, I’ve been amused, confused and occasionally bemused by the lunacy of patents. Now when somebody actually invents something, or devises a particular way of doing something that nobody else has thought of, getting a patent to protect their interests, and to allow them to benefit from their work seems fair enough. It all goes a bit wrong when patents are awarded for vague general concepts, and much money ends up being made by lawyers.

Perhaps this is the reason for it all?


Yup, it’s all Dogbert’s fault.