The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still – Malcolm Pryce

Now this was something I’d been looking forward to. The sixth in Malcolm Pryce’s delightfully twisted Welsh Noir novels set in a delightfully twisted parallel world version of Aberystwyth.  :tigger:

Things are getting even weirder than usual for Louie Knight, down at heel private detective, and his sidekick Calamity. After having his desk destroyed by the Mayor’s brother as a hint to not get involved in a certain matter, a client arrives and involves him in just that matter. Louie’s job is to find a man who was hanged for his part in a notorious raid on the Coliseum cinema back in 1965. Despite having been hanged by the neck until dead, it seems Iestyn Probert has been seen recently.

And so it begins. Louie gets knocked on the head, encounters Men In Black, gets knocked on the head, falls in love, has a strange ice-cream related experience, and quite unexpectedly finds himself with a new employment opportunity.

It’s the same old crazy thing as always, with some lovely dialogue:

‘Your mind is closed,’ said Calamity with amusing pomposity.

‘It’s not closed, it just has a strict door policy. I don’t admit riff-raff.’

And much more.

Note: the actual Aberystwyth seems a much friendlier place to be than Louie’s.