Daily Archives: Monday, 8th Aug 2011

Weight and Stuff Report – 8 August 2011

Hmm, up a bit today, for the first time in a while. Not by a lot, though, so I’ll let it pass for now.

I had planned to walk to work today, but when the time to go came, it was raining a bit. Now, it wasn’t heavy rain, and I’d probably have got to work without getting all that wet[1], but over the last few weeks I’ve seen slight rain turn into Holy Zarquon who turned on the bloody hosepipe?!? in a matter of seconds, so I decided not to chance it. Maybe tomorrow.

I’ve just done my usual twenty minutes on the bike thingy, see the exciting heart rate graph for details.

The picture for today is of a flowery thing[2] poking through a fence.

Flowery Thingy

Flowery Thingy

[1] Rain plus sweat might not be a nice combination – wet from inside and out…
[2] I’m a photographer, not a botanist!