Holiday 2011, Day 4 – Llandudno and the Great Orme on July 9

The next stage in our North Wales tour was a visit to the seaside town of Llandudno, where after a brief wander, we caught the tram to the top of the Great Orme, to enjoy the ride and the view from the top. The tram is cable pulled, like the funicular railways I’ve seen at Aberystwyth and Seaburn, but it’s on a more ambitious scale, running partly over roads between houses as it makes its way to the halfway point, where you get out, walk through the building where the winding equipment lives, then board a second tram to the top.

Once you get up there, there’s a superb view, and the usual shop, cafe, bar and other such things to visit. You can even get a cable car, should you be so inclined.

After a while, we headed back down for some lunch and a walk along the pier, where a gull couldn’t decide if he wanted to pose for a portrait or not. Here are the pictures:

2 thoughts on “Holiday 2011, Day 4 – Llandudno and the Great Orme on July 9

  1. Phredd

    Nice shots.

    What’s the ‘memorial’ in honour of? And was it like looking in the mirror when you took the shot of the horny old goat?


    Did I say that out loud?

    1. Les Post author

      IIRC, it’s a war memorial of some kind – I didn’t check the base, and no, but I was worried that Geoff might not get away…

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