Twitterific Makes Me Happy

I keep an eye, and occasionally both of them on Twitter when I’m using a Mac, and when I’m away from my Macs, I do much the same on my iPhone.[1] I rarely use the actual website[2], as I much prefer to use a client. I’ve tried a few – Tweetie, which has since morphed into the official Twitter client was one of the better ones, but I found myself reverting to another one, which managed to do most of what I wanted without annoying me. That client is Twitterific, it’s available in the App Stores for Mac and iPhone/iPad, and looks much the same on all platforms, which is a Good Thing for me.

But there was one feature I really wanted from a Twitter client – all the obvious stuff is already there. Links are automagically shortened, pictures can be uploaded to your choice of service, you can unfollow people who are becoming annoying, there’s a choice of colour schemes and enough options to keep most people happy. But there was one problem. If you move between devices, you had to remember where you’d been, scroll through loads of tweets and hope you hadn’t missed anything. What I wanted was some synchronisation. I wanted my iPhone to know how far I’d got in my timeline on my iMac, and my MacBook to know where I’d got to on my iPhone.

And now, I have just that. The new version 4.3, which arrived yesterday offers just that (it’s an option, so you can leave it turned off if you don’t like it). What you’ll see in all your Twitterific instances is that the last tweet you got to in your timeline will be marked with a flag, like this:



Another setting tells each Twitterific client to automagically scroll to your last-read position when you look at it.

The magic is achieved through a web service called Tweet Marker, which appears to be working nicely.

The upgrade is free for existing users, and the software is free (advert supported) or cheap for everyone else. My favourite Twitter client just got better in exactly the way I wanted.  :tigger:

[1] Waits for accusations of being a fanboy, or worse still “fanboi”, which I always imagine should be pronounced “fanbwah”, making its use quite incomprehensible to me…
[2] So the fuss about “old” and “new” Twitter pretty much passed me by