Getting Social

No, I’m not going out and having a wild life. That would be silly. What I’m talking about is Social, a new WordPress plugin from MailChimp, whose main activity is email marketing type thingies. Social provides an easy way to link WordPress to Facebook and Twitter. Anyone who follows me on Twitter (I’m @lesb if you don’t, and you’re vaguely interested), or stalks me on Facebook, might have noticed that links to my posts pop up in both places. I’ve been doing this by a slightly convoluted route:

  1. Make new post
  2. Feedburner publishes it in the RSS feed
  3. Feedburner posts a link to Twitter, complete with a #fb hashtag
  4. Selective Tweets posts the tweet to Facebook

Social should cut all that nonsense out, as it’s linked directly to Twitter and Facebook. Not only that, but it will apparently look for mentions of posts and link them to the comments. I’m not sure how well this will work, but I’m giving it a try…

Update: as you’ll see from the comments, Social doesn’t seem to play nicely with my theme, so it’s off for now

2 thoughts on “Getting Social

    1. Les Post author

      Yes, it breaks a few things in the comment form – looks like it’s mostly a bit of CSS, but I’ll have to look at that again with my brain in the right gear.

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