Holiday 2011, Day 4 – Conwy on 9 July

After Llandudno and the Great Orme, we went to Conwy. I’ve always been fascinated by Thomas Telford’s suspension bridge, which in pictures always looked as if it ran right up to the castle. Well, it does! In fact, as you’ll see in one of the pictures below, the suspension chains are actually anchored to the castle itself – I can’t imagine anyone being allowed to do that these days. The bridge is too fragile for road traffic, but you can walk along it, on payment of £1 or a wave of a National Trust membership card. If you look at the chains, you can see that most of the load is now being taken by a modern cable set above them – necessary, but it’s been done carefully enough not to detract from the appearance of the bridge.

Once I’d got all the pictures I needed of the bridge, we had a look along the waterfront, where we saw the smallest house in Britain, and some other fun things. Conwy is on the list for a longer visit next year.