Weight and Stuff Report – 14 August 2011

Slightly up again, tut tut.

It’s been a day of changed plans. Now originally, I was going to be working in sunny Teesside today, but we’ve had to postpone that. As I was mentally prepared to get something done today, I decided to go for a walk – I was heading in the direction of the Tyne to see if any of the Bridges Festival stuff was interesting enough to take pictures of. But I’d just got a little way down the road when it started to rain. Given the recent behaviour of rain in these parts, I decided to switch to plan B: have a walk around the park, so I could give up and go home easily if the rain got any heavier. Well, I just got to the park gates when it did just that, so I did indeed come home.

Of course, as I’d given up and gone home, the rain didn’t come to much, and it’s brightened up again now. Still, never mind. I used the time to finish off sorting out my holiday pictures and those Doctor Who DVD review thingies. And I’ve done my usual twenty minutes on the exercise bike. I think the sensor might not have been connecting properly at first. Either that, or I was insanely relaxed, as it was alleging that my heart rate was 40 for a while. See for yourself.

I was hoping to have some new pictures from the walk that was abandoned, but you’ll have to make do with a dragon instead.