Daily Archives: Monday, 15th Aug 2011

Spotify Revisited

It’s over two years since I first mentioned Spotify, and since then I’ve used it intermittently. While the sound is just fine, and availability of tracks is good, the advert interruptions and the more recent restrictions on the number of tracks you can play have made it less interesting to me.

But I did regain some interest when Virgin Media made me an offer I’d be silly to refuse: six months free access to Spotify Premium. That’s the £9.99 a month version, which has no adverts, no limits on use, and allows offline use on mobile devices. And unlike most free offers, there are no strings – at the end of the free period, your Spotify account reverts to the basic free version unless you decide to sign up and offer them money.

Apparently this is a special deal for their more valued customers[1], or something.

Ah, hold on – there is one string. In signing up to get your Spotify voucher code, you’re agreeing to another twelve months of broadband service. Oh dear. I’m so outraged to be given something free for doing something I’d have done anyway…

Got my code, activated the account and I’m currently listening to Spear of Destiny. Result.

[1] That would be the ones who pay for the faster internet service…

New Doctor Who Prequel

Just released today is a short video that’s a prequel to the forthcoming Doctor Who episode Let’s Kill Hitler, which is almost certainly going to be shown on Saturday 27 August. It’s been specially written by Steven Moffat, and will not be shown on TV. Well, it probably will at some point, but it won’t be part of the episode. In much the expected manner, it manages to be wacky, emotional and vaguely disturbing. It’s embedded below, but if that doesn’t work, you can see it on the BBC site.


Weight and Stuff Report – 15 August 2011

Now that’s a bigger than usual daily change. Three pounds down, which in all probability won’t all stay off, but so long as the general trend is downward, that’s fine…

As the sky was distinctly blue, and there was a rarely-seen bright shiny thing up there too, I had little difficulty in persuading myself to walk to work. You can see the Runkeeper chart and the detailed Garmin charts for the gory details.

I had a bit of a stroll at lunchtime, when I bought those signs of advancing age, and just got back to the office in time to dodge the rain. But the rain didn’t last, and when I left work, I decided that it was a good evening to turn left rather than right, and walk home. I didn’t have the heart rate thingy on, as I hadn’t really planned on walking, so you’ll just have to see the Runkeeper thingy without heart rate data.

No picture today, but instead here’s a video clip of what I was listening to on my way home. This is a recording from Later With Jools Holland of The The playing the classic Uncertain Smile. And yes, that is Johnny Marr on guitar. The original album version ends with a gloriously mad piano solo played by Jools Holland, a task which he repeats here. Usual “until somebody complains” rules about embedded videos apply.

So it’s come to this

I am now, officially, and undeniably, an old fart. Yes, I know some people[1] have been alleging this for many years[2], but now the time has come. I’ve always needed vision correction for distance vision, but until recently, my close vision, with or without glasses or contact lenses was fine. No print was too fine for me to read, and I didn’t have to do strange movements to find the point at which text sprang into focus. But over the last year or two, that’s begun to change, and if I’m wearing glasses, I’ve been finding it easier to take them off to read. This is less convenient with contact lenses, and so I’ve had to resort to desperate measures:

Reading glasses

Reading glasses

I know, I know, it’s quite shocking. But I’m not going to do the really old fart thing and wear them on a chain around my neck. That would be going too far….

[1] Hi Twisty  :wave:
[2] However many it is, it feels like more