So it’s come to this

I am now, officially, and undeniably, an old fart. Yes, I know some people[1] have been alleging this for many years[2], but now the time has come. I’ve always needed vision correction for distance vision, but until recently, my close vision, with or without glasses or contact lenses was fine. No print was too fine for me to read, and I didn’t have to do strange movements to find the point at which text sprang into focus. But over the last year or two, that’s begun to change, and if I’m wearing glasses, I’ve been finding it easier to take them off to read. This is less convenient with contact lenses, and so I’ve had to resort to desperate measures:

Reading glasses

Reading glasses

I know, I know, it’s quite shocking. But I’m not going to do the really old fart thing and wear them on a chain around my neck. That would be going too far….

[1] Hi Twisty  :wave:
[2] However many it is, it feels like more

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