Spotify Revisited

It’s over two years since I first mentioned Spotify, and since then I’ve used it intermittently. While the sound is just fine, and availability of tracks is good, the advert interruptions and the more recent restrictions on the number of tracks you can play have made it less interesting to me.

But I did regain some interest when Virgin Media made me an offer I’d be silly to refuse: six months free access to Spotify Premium. That’s the £9.99 a month version, which has no adverts, no limits on use, and allows offline use on mobile devices. And unlike most free offers, there are no strings – at the end of the free period, your Spotify account reverts to the basic free version unless you decide to sign up and offer them money.

Apparently this is a special deal for their more valued customers[1], or something.

Ah, hold on – there is one string. In signing up to get your Spotify voucher code, you’re agreeing to another twelve months of broadband service. Oh dear. I’m so outraged to be given something free for doing something I’d have done anyway…

Got my code, activated the account and I’m currently listening to Spear of Destiny. Result.

[1] That would be the ones who pay for the faster internet service…