Weight and Stuff Report – 15 August 2011

Now that’s a bigger than usual daily change. Three pounds down, which in all probability won’t all stay off, but so long as the general trend is downward, that’s fine…

As the sky was distinctly blue, and there was a rarely-seen bright shiny thing up there too, I had little difficulty in persuading myself to walk to work. You can see the Runkeeper chart and the detailed Garmin charts for the gory details.

I had a bit of a stroll at lunchtime, when I bought those signs of advancing age, and just got back to the office in time to dodge the rain. But the rain didn’t last, and when I left work, I decided that it was a good evening to turn left rather than right, and walk home. I didn’t have the heart rate thingy on, as I hadn’t really planned on walking, so you’ll just have to see the Runkeeper thingy without heart rate data.

No picture today, but instead here’s a video clip of what I was listening to on my way home. This is a recording from Later With Jools Holland of The The playing the classic Uncertain Smile. And yes, that is Johnny Marr on guitar. The original album version ends with a gloriously mad piano solo played by Jools Holland, a task which he repeats here. Usual “until somebody complains” rules about embedded videos apply.