Weight and Stuff Report – 17 August 2011

Shock horror, back up a bit today. That’ll be the rise I was expecting yesterday, but it’s still a lower figure than Monday, so I seem to have a good trend going on this week. Can it last?

It was another nice morning, so I had no trouble at all getting it together to walk to work, with all measurements in full effect – Runkeeper and Garmin data are available for your amusement.

When I got to work, I had to deal with a few moderate problems before I could even think about cooling down – a server in a branch office decided that it didn’t want to talk to anyone, so that was fun[1].

I went out for a bit of a walk at lunchtime, to see if I could get some better pictures of that demolition job I mentioned yesterday. I may post some of those later, but for the moment here’s a bit of urban art that I hadn’t noticed before:

Urban Garden

Urban Garden

One of the figures seems to have lost its hose, and the other’s is a bit detached. I’m vaguely hoping that the weather did that, but it was probably human intervention of an unpleasant kind.

It was a bit cloudy at home time, but I decided to walk anyway. I even went to the trouble of strapping on the heart rate monitor again, as the Garmin chart shows. I’d love to show you the Runkeeper data, but the app crashed on me. In a very friendly manner, it doesn’t seem to save anything as it goes, so if it falls over rather than responding to the “Stop” button, it loses the activity. I’ve seen reports on their forums that suggest that app crashes are not all that rare. Mutter.

[1] It would have been less fun if it had needed a hands-on approach from IT, as we’d have been struggling to get anyone there before lunchtime, but never mind…