SkitchNote? EverSkitch?


I’ve mentioned the excellent screen capture app Skitch a few times over the last few years. Unlike a lot of things that I try for a while, then either forget about, or don’t need any more, I’ve kept using Skitch. Having a handy combined screen capture and annotating tool, with uploading and sharing features added is great, and I’ve always thought it was well worth paying for (which I did).

I’ve also mentioned Evernote, which is something I’d probably benefit from if I could only remember to use it more. It’s a really clever tool for capturing anything you need to remember – pictures, notes, websites, etc, with really clever search tools.

Skitch and Evernote have always been tools that played nicely with each other, so it perhaps shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise to learn that Evernote has acquired Skitch. The first action of the new owners was to reduce the App Store price of Skitch from $20 to free. Nice. And Skitch is now available on the Android platform as well as OS X. Details in the Skitch announcement:

Huge! Skitch is acquired by Evernote A Great… – Skitch Heart Love.