Weight and Stuff Report – 23 August 2011

Down again today, good stuff.

I walked to work again today. It wasn’t as sunny as yesterday, but it was perfectly good walking weather, which is more than can be said for the nasty drizzle that was falling as I left the office, which convinced me that taking the bus was a better idea than trying to walk. But I have just done twenty minutes on the exercise bike, so that’s not so bad.

Graphs and things

Walking according to Garmin

Walking according to Runkeeper[1]

Exercise bike according to Garmin

No photography time so far this week, so here are a couple of dragons

Two Dragons

Two Dragons

[1] Runkeeper isn’t showing the heart rate numbers because I left the dongle thingy that connects to the iPhone in the office yesterday. It’s home now, so normal service will be resumed the next time I walk to work.