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Weight and Stuff Report – 24 August 2011

Bother, up a wee bit today. It looks like it’s going to be a struggle to stay below the psychologicackle 16 stone mark, which is a bit annoying as I want to be getting below the psychologicackle 15 stone mark.

Anyway, I walked to work again, and as it was looking a bit damp and I had some more of that moderately heavy[1] stuff to take home, the return journey was by bus. And I have just done another twenty minutes on the bike thingy.

Graphs and things

Walking to work according to Garmin and according to Runkeeper.

Exercise bike according to Garmin.

Nothing much happening on the photographic front at the moment, but I think Tigger is summoning mysterious forces, or something:

Tigger - up to something

Tigger - up to something

[1] Any suggestion that that bottles of wine were involved will be denied, of course

Mathematically challenged advert of the day

Apparently understanding percentages is not a requirement in the advertising business.

200% more?

200% more?

But perhaps I’m being unfair. Maybe they used to have two-thirds of a bar in each pack. Or maybe they just meant to 200% rather than by 200%. Or maybe they have no idea at all what they meant…


I hate it when that happens…

First, for the benefit of any unusually confused or befuddled visitors[1], let me say that when I link to xkcd, I only include a sample of the comic, as I like to encourage people to visit the site and see Randall’s work in its natural environment.

Anyway, here’s the latest.

xkcd - Click for more

xkcd - Click for more

OK, seen it all? Quite sure?

Now I can say it: he forgot to pay the gravity bill.[2]

[1] You know who you are, and don’t you dare call me that!
[2] Joke stolen borrowed from Calvin and Hobbes, of course