Doctor Who – Let’s Kill Hitler

OK, now that was serious fun. From here on, I’m really not going to attempt to summarise the stories, because with so much insane stuff going on, even a summary would end up being a mind-bogglingly long thing. What I will do is have my usual mutter about where things are going, how things are developing, and mention some of the best bits.

Like a lot of people, when I saw the title of this episode flash on the screen at the end of A Good Man Goes To War, I hooted. Then spent a fair amount of time wondering just how Steven Moffat would involve Hitler in the Doctor’s search for Melody Pond, the daughter of Amy and Rory.

Being Steven Moffat, he did it quite nicely. Hitler and the supporting Nazis are more of a distraction to the main part of the story, though Rory did get to punch the dictator and utter the magical line

Shut up, Hitler!

The main point of the episode was a quite unexpected reveal of where Melody had been before she became River Song, and how Amy and Rory hadn’t missed out on her growing up after all. It’s the kind of thing that makes me wonder how much of this Steven had worked out years in advance, and how much he, well, makes up at high speed with extreme brilliance. I’m tending towards the Master[1] Plan theory, but there are always doubts…

Other high spots included the revelation that the “State of Temporal Grace” which an earlier Doctor alleged existed in the TARDIS and prevented guns from working[2] was indeed a lie. A clever lie, the Doctor insists, of course.

And then there’s the big point – how Melody Pond, conditioned from birth to kill the Doctor, changes and starts on the road to becoming the River Song the Doctor first met in that library, and how she got that nice blue spoiler-ridden diary she always carries…

And I haven’t even mentioned the transforming justice machine full of time-travelling miniaturised agents and homicidal robots. That was fun.

All in all, a great opener for the second part of the series. Lots more madness, scares and fun to come, and it’s all going to somehow lead back to the lake and that impossible astronaut.

[1] No, not him. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him again
[2] Disproven on several occasions

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