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August 2011 Round-up

Hmm, that month didn’t hang about very long. Yes, it’s time for another of the eagerly anticipated[1] monthly reports that save you from having to read the daily nonsense. Of course, you could save yourself reading this, too. Come to think of it, you probably are, so you won’t be reading this sentence. Errr, oh, never mind, let’s get on with it.


Well, last month I made a good start on trying to lose weight again. And quite remarkably, I’ve kept things going this month. Let’s look at the numbers:

August 1: 228.2 pounds (16 stone 4.2 pounds, 103.5 kg)
August 31: 223 pounds (15 stone 13 pounds, 101.2 kg)

That’s a quite reasonable loss of 5.2 pounds (2.4kg). Not as impressive as last month, but it’s still an average of more than a pound a week, which is pretty good – it’s a level of loss that’s more likely to stay off than more sudden large losses. Now I just need to keep that going for the next, err, six months or so to get to a more sensible weight…


I’ve kept to my plan of having just a sandwich for lunch, and only one of those was a footlong from Subway. No sausage rolls, and I’ve been watching what I eat in the evenings, too.


OK, out of 22 working days in August, I walked to work 14 times, which is the most I’ve managed in a very long time, and I walked home four times, which is also a major improvement. On top of that, I’ve managed 13 sessions on the exercise bike. And I’d have walked a few more times if the rain hadn’t been so annoying. That’s the most exercise I’ve done in a month since, err, well, ages.


I’ve been a bit chattier this month, and this post will bring the August total up to a perfectly respectable 72.


Quite remarkably, I did find the necessary tuits to post the Wales trip pictures, and I’ve managed another photo trip since, which means I’ve got more to sort out.

[1] Somebody may be eagerly anticipating it. I can’t imagine who, though

Weight and Stuff Report – 31 August 2011

Down a wee bit today, keeping me nicely below the psychologicackle 16 stone mark. Now only another fourteen pounds to lose to get to my next psychowossname.

As I mentioned earlier, I flew walked to work this morning, and felt sufficiently inspired to walk home, too. On the way back I took the more strenuous route via the Swing Bridge. For some reason, I’m always surprised by how bloody steep Bottle Bank is. But I made it all the way up without needing to stop and catch my breath, so the walking must be working…

Charts and things

Walking to work according to Garmin

Walking to work according to Runkeeper[1]

Walking home according to Garmin[2]

Walking home according to Runkeeper

Your picture of the day is this quite tasteful tower which stands in isolation in Middlesbrough. I’ve given it a bit of treatment…

Clock Tower

Clock Tower

[1] Complete with high-speed detour
[2] No heart rate, as I left the strap thingy off

I can fly!

Well, that’s what Runkeeper seems to be telling me. I was wondering why the voice told me I’d walked a lot further than normal this morning. It seemed odd, because I’d taken the same route as normal, and taken much the same time as normal, too. But somehow, I’d apparently gone an extra three miles. Looking at the map revealed all:



Yes, it seems that after crossing the Tyne Bridge, I swooped over the city, across the Tyne, and spent a moment in Gateshead before flying back to Mosley Street.

I’ve seen some minor oddities with the GPS on the iPhone before, but never quite as entertaining as this…