Doctor Who – Night Terrors

Last night’s episode was a return to a more standard-issue one-off story, with less of the complex wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimeyness we’ve seen of late. Now personally, I’m rather fond of the complex stuff that leaves you wondering what just happened, and eager for whatever degree of resolution is coming, but it is nice to take a break with something perhaps a little less demanding. Except of course, this was written by the excellent Mark Gatiss, which means that some quite nasty scary stuff was involved.

No plot breakdown here, just some general notes and observations. Scary things cupboards. Even when they’re obviously wardrobes which can lead somewhere a lot nastier than Narnia. Oh, and the Doctor loves children’s stories such as Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday…

Amy and Rory had a lot of fun in this one, though I thought Amy’s temporary makeover didn’t really work for her. It’s good to see the actors developing their roles and playing off each other so well.

This was a good fun episode which could have fitted anywhere in this year’s split series (if my dodgy memory is correct, it was originally going to be shown in the first half of the run), and I hope we get more from Mark Gatiss[1]. Well, we will be getting more Sherlock from him and Mr Moffat, but that’s different.

There was the obligatory reminder at the end of the Doctor’s forthcoming doom, err, well, the thing we already saw happen. All I can say is that things are likely to get a lot more confusing over the remaining four episodes. And that this is, of course, a hugely Good Thing.

[1] I have seen something which suggests he may be doing a bit of acting in a forthcoming episode. And that if what I’ve seen is true then much of this year’s oddness will be sort of explained. And no, I’m not going to say what that is, and any comments mentioning it will be suitably adjusted…