I hope they mean it this time

A long time ago, I was happy to report that the ugly bollards around the Millennium bridge were to be removed by the end of the year. Well, that year ended, and were into the last third of the following one, and as I mentioned in the summer the damn things are still there.

But it’s reported today that Gateshead council are intending to make an announcement next week about removing them. Tell you what, guys – don’t bother announcing it, just rip them out and then tell us all about it.

BBC News – Gateshead Millennium Bridge bollards will be removed.

7 thoughts on “I hope they mean it this time

    1. Les Post author

      No, the bollards are a demented bit of “Health and Safety” nonsense added to a quite lovely bridge at the insistence of somebody. They are ugly and do not serve any great purpose. The amount of traffic passing under the bridge is minimal.

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