Daily Archives: Thursday, 8th Sep 2011

Err, sorry about that…

Over the last five days or so, you might have noticed some posts lacking a bit of content. Now when I pressed the Publish button, they had all their bits intact, but moments later all they had was the little header bit stating my weight and describing any exercise I might have done this day. My carefully crafted[1] prose disappeared, and the even more carefully selected picture of the day was nowhere to be seen.

I didn’t spot this immediately, and the first time it happened, I though I must have done something odd, and retrieved as much as I could from a WordPress post revision[2]. The picture was still attached to the post in the normal way, so it just needed reinserting.

Then it happened again. And again. A quick look showed it had also happened with last Saturday’s daily thingy, which for reasons I won’t bore you with, was actually posted on Sunday. Before then, it was fine. So, I had to suspect something that had changed recently. A hint came from the fact that only posts with the weight and exercise thing were affected, which led me to suspect the plugin that gives me handy boxes on the post editing page to insert those values – the actual insertion of them into the page you see is done by a different bit of code, which hasn’t changed at all.

So I checked, and I had indeed installed an update to the plugin in question on Saturday. I reverted to a previous version, and today’s daily report thingy appeared unmolested.

So if you’re using the More Fields plugin, watch out for version 2.1. It may be some rare interaction between some combination of plugins and tweaks on my site, so I’m not suggesting that the plugin is actually broken. I’ll pass this on to the developers…

[1] Well, some of it is. Sometimes
[2] First time I’ve really found that feature seriously useful

Weight and Stuff Report – 8 September 2011

Today’s daily fluctuation takes me back up, mutter, mutter.

No exercise today as I had to get out early to catch a train to Leeds. Such excitement! Or not.

Today’s picture is another view of Temenos, that quite nifty sculpture in Middlesbrough: