Daily Archives: Tuesday, 13th Sep 2011

Weight and Stuff Report – 13 September 2011

Ooooh! Down again today, to a new low for the year. And that’s also lower than at any point last year. Good stuff! Can this continue?

What with the continuing high winds, which are apparently the tail end of Hurricane somethingorother that have decided to move on from the eastern bit of North America and annoy me instead, I managed not to walk very far today. I did have a short walk at lunchtime, and struggled with the wind a bit…

Today’s picture is of the Theatre Royal, finally freed from its fences, scaffolding, and general mess, and once again open to paying customers after an extensive refit. Apparently the interior has been restored to its early 20th century style. The exterior has new lights including some uplighters set into the ground, which should look interesting in the dark. This picture was taken with a new Sony compact camera which I got as a free gift from a supplier today.

Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal