Weight and Stuff Report – 17 September 2011

Well, that’s a better weight than yesterday. I had a slight change to my usual Saturday routine today, as I went to Newcastle and then the MetroCentre after my usual Tesco trip. I was reminded that I really don’t like going to the MetroCentre. I did a bit of walking around in both places, which probably counts as exercise.

Today’s picture is of the roof over the former Worsick Street bus station in Newcastle. My local bus used to go from there, mumble years ago. It’s used for parking now, but possibly not for much longer if the redevelopment continues.



4 thoughts on “Weight and Stuff Report – 17 September 2011

  1. alf stone

    Thanks for prodding my memory, I had almost forgotten the days of catching the 53 from Worswick Street. It was a horrible, draughty, smelly place though. Before that the terminus was outside the Express Hotel (now the Long Bar) opposite Stephenson’s Monument and when the new one-way system was introduced it moved to Bewick Street for a while. For a long time I preferred to hop on the Metro across the river and I was a bit disconcerted when I jumped on the 54 at Market Street and found myself being whisked past the Central Station and towards the Redheugh Bridge, I thought the bus had been hijacked.

    1. Les Post author

      I don’t recall the 53 going near the Stephenson Monument, possibly before I landed in Gateshead. When the Metro started, I think all the Gateshead services stopped at Gateshead Metro, and you had to change to the Metro to get to Newcastle. After deregulation in 1986, the buses started crossing the river again..

  2. alf stone

    “I don’t recall the 53 going near the Stephenson Monument, possibly before I landed in Gateshead.”

    Almost certainly, if I had the “tuits” I could probably work out from your blog when you were beamed into my home town but I don’t, you will be pleased to know.

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