Doctor Who – The God Complex

OK, this was written by Toby Whithouse, creator of the excellent Being Human, and writer of previous Doctor Who episodes The Vampires of Venice and School Reunion, and was well up to standard.

At one level, it could be taken as a fairly standard Doctor Who story that could have appeared at any time in the last mumble years. The Doctor and his friends accidentally arrive in what appears to be a slightly naff 80s hotel where Something Nasty is happening. Identifying the Something and attempting to save the remaining occupants of the hotel involved lots of the usual running down actual corridors, and trying to avoid the contents of the hotel rooms, what with there being a Bad Dream for everyone somewhere in the hotel…

Now that could have been a fun romp, albeit one with a suitably high body count, but it took a darker and more disturbing twist, when the Doctor totally fails to save Rita, a very sharp young doctor who he’d been shamelessly flirting with. That’s flirting in the “I like your mind, come and see the universe” kind of way, of course.

Finally realising that he’d got it wrong, the Doctor has to take drastic action to save Amy and Rory, in a more gentle version of what the Seventh Doctor had to do with Ace in The Curse of Fenric.

And after all that, the Doctor makes another drastic decision. No longer able to face the thought of Something Terrible happening to his friends, he leaves Amy and Rory on Earth, having somehow arranged a suitable house and car for them, for which he just happened to have the keys handy. I’m not at all sure how he managed that, but I suspect some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff may have been involved.

This is, of course, the setup for next week, when the Doctor will be visiting his old friend Craig, who may be surprised to see his former lodger. And after that, it’s the climax of the series, when we come full circle and return to that lake, and that Impossible Astronaut and the Doctor’s death, which is going to be a tricky one to get out of…