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Super Secret Project Revealed!

Update: I’ve temporarily pulled the new look and reverted to the old one because that abominable excuse for a web browser that Microsoft insist on bundling with Windows has a slight problem with the CSS. Once I find the magic codes to make it behave, the new look will return. Either that, or I’ll just  :wah:

I mentioned the other day that I was working on something new for the site, and now all[1] can be revealed!

I’ve been developing a new look[2], which is based on the Toolbox theme. So far, it’s just got some colours and fonts done, and there’s a lot more to be done, but I thought I’d activate this early version so you’ve got at least an idea of what I’m up to.

[1] Well, some
[2] Hi Twisty! :wave:

Weight and Stuff Report – 19 September 2011

Today’s weight figure is probably a temporary anomalous wossname, what with it being an “after a walk” measurement, but it is a nice one to see. It takes me just below the dreaded 100kg mark for the first time since, err, let’s see… Ah. It’s hard to be certain because I lapsed into not bothering to take daily measurements at the time, but it would appear that I’m now at my lowest weight for two years. I still need to keep working on that, though…

Anyway, as I’m off work this week, I decided to get out and have that walk that the rain interrupted yesterday. I didn’t use the heart rate thingy, as I thought the strap might get a bit uncomfortable if I wore it for a longer period, but I did let Runkeeper record my progress, which it did pretty well. I think it got mildly confused when the GPS signal was blocked by trees at some points, so the distance may not be completely accurate, but I’ll assume it’s near enough:

Long Walk

Long Walk

You can see it in a more interactive form on the Runkeeper page, but to summarise, here’s where I went:

Into Gateshead, stopping off to see the former location of Tyne Bridge Tower, which is looking a lot better now:

Tyne Bridge Tower is Missing

Tyne Bridge Tower is Missing

Then I crossed the Millennium Bridge, walked along to the mouth of the Ouseburn, then walked along the riverside path, passing under Byker Bridge. From there, I took a slightly indirect route that eventually brought me to Armstrong Park, Heaton Park, and finally Jesmond Dene. I had a good wander in Jesmond Dene, then decided that my feet had probably had enough punishment, and headed back along Jesmond Dene Road, took a quick detour to look at Armstrong Bridge, then walked back to Newcastle, where I really decided my feet had reached their limit and got the bus home. Runkeeper made that just over eight and a half miles, which is longer than I’ve walked in one go since I can’t remember…

I may have a more relaxing day tomorrow…