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CrashPlan goes mobile

I’ve mentioned CrashPlan a few times before, and I’m still happy with my choice of backup provider. I’ve had no problems with the continuous backup, I’ve been able to retrieve files when I needed to, and the whole thing has been as near to perfect as any service I’ve ever used.

But what’s this? Could they be making a Good Thing even better? Well, yes, they have.

CrashPlan now offer apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that give you access to the files you’ve backed up to their vault from anywhere with a network connection. You can download files to your mobile device, and if there is suitable software installed, you can open them, view, them, edit them, or anything else your device may allow, including email.

So if you’ve ever been working on a document, and forgotten to take it with you, you can get it from your phone or tablet, or at least get hold of the last version that CrashPlan has got. Which is almost certainly the one you saved just before going out.

Now you might think of this as a quite nice service enhancement, and you’d be right. So, what’s the charge for this extra niceness? Nothing. The apps are free, and there’s no extra charge for using the mobile service. Nice work, guys.

All Your Files, In Your Pocket – CrashPlan Mobile Apps | The Code 42 CrashPlan Blog.

Cardiff Bus makes me smile

Now this is the kind of mild silliness that makes me happy.

Like a lot of places, my home town of Cardiff is bringing in a smart card system for the local bus service. And like most places, they’ve had to come up with a name for the new thingy. My local operator here in the North East has gone for the rather dull name of “The Key”, for instance.

But Cardiff Bus have done so much better that they deserve an award or something. Their smart card is called


Do you see what they did there, etc? Iff Card? Card Iff?  :clap:


Cardiff bus.

Weight and Stuff Report – 26 September 2011

Woo hoo! Down again today. Probably a slightly wild fluctuation, but it does look like part of a trend that’s heading in the right direction. And it is nice to see a change in the second digit of the pounds figure, as well as a return to the essential below 100kg status.

I walked to work this morning, and once again Runkeeper got a bit confused. Mind you, it did at least warn me this time. For reasons probably connected with something quite random, it had a problem locking on to a GPS signal[1], which resulted in today’s fun chart, which suggests that it didn’t find the satellites until I was on Bensham Road. It was pretty much fine from then until I got to the end of the Tyne Bridge, at which point I apparently teleported to a point to the west of the Redheugh Bridge. And I didn’t feel a thing!

Strange Route

Strange Route

Such fun!

Today’s picture is another bit of South Shields sculpture. It actually was about this windy at the time I was there:

It's a bit windy

It's a bit windy

[1] It may be nature’s way of telling me I need a new phone…[2]
[2] Which, if rumours turn out to be true, may happen next month :bouncy: