The New Look: a bit of IE bashing

Having activated that new design recently, and not having had a lot of feedback so far, I took the opportunity at work to see how things looked in a couple of versions of Internet Explorer. IE9 on Windows 7, apart from still not understanding how to draw rounded corners[1], looked just as I hoped. But IE8, which is the last version available to anyone using Windows XP, looked a wee bit odd:

Strange lines

Strange lines

What were those things that looked like big square brackets? Why did the comments thingy have lines above and below it?

Well, a bit of lunchtime research[2] gave me the cause, and a solution. While the theme that underlies my new look does the sensible thing and includes the magic JavaScript that convinces older versions of IE that some new HTML5 elements exist, the outline CSS doesn’t do anything with them.

My problem was that I’m using a nicely semantic


tag to wrap each post, and I’d defined a border around that. All that was needed was to tell IE that this should be a block-level element with a wee bit of CSS:

article {display: block;}

and things immediately improved. Just need to find something that’s still running IE7 to see how that likes it. IE6 may (as always) be more of a problem, but I may do something slightly different for that…

[1] Yes, I know there are complicated ways of making this happen, but I’m not going to do anything that messy, thanks
[2] In an actual book in Waterstone’s. I was so pleased to find what I was looking for so quickly that I bought it there rather than buying it online for less money later.

8 thoughts on “The New Look: a bit of IE bashing

    1. Les Post author

      Windows Phone 7, eh? Still got more IE-befuddling tricks to deploy, so this may improve. Either that, or a conditional tag to present IE versions below 8 with unstyled text :grin:

  1. alf stone

    IE what’s that? Haven’t used it for years. Anyway I’m not interested in style just content. Get out in the park a bit more as autumn is approaching, the changing colours are inspiring.

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