Weight and Stuff Report – 28 September 2011

Bother, up again today. I blame the lack of walking for this. I would have walked in today, as the weather has taken a surprising turn for the better – clear sky, warmer than it’s been in ages, and so on – but I needed to get in early due to a slight lack of staff, so I had to get the bus. Bother.

Here’s a picture of the reconstructed gate at Arbeia Roman fort in South Shields

Arbeia - Reconstructed Gate

Arbeia - Reconstructed Gate

2 thoughts on “Weight and Stuff Report – 28 September 2011

    1. Les Post author

      Indeed. It’s a nice location. There’s a museum with lots of Roman bits, the actual site, which is still a live archaeological dig, and another reconstructed building. Then there’s another Roman site on the other site of the river at Segedunum

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