September 2011 Round-up

And another month seems to have slipped past without me really noticing. Quite shocking, really. But it does mean it’s time for the usual quick summary…


After the last couple of months, it’s no surprise to see that my rate of weight loss has slowed down:

September 1: 223.2 pounds (15 stone 13.2 pounds, 101.2 kg)
September 30: 221.8 pounds (15 stone 11.8 pounds, 100.6 kg)

That’s a quite small loss of 1.4 pounds (0.6 kg), though at one point I was 2 pounds (0.9 kg) lighter than that. More exercise is definitely needed.


Still behaving myself at lunchtimes, and eating a few more healthy evening meals some days.


OK, out of 17 working days in September, I walked to work just 5 times, and walked home once, which is the not quite what I’m aiming for. A lot of this was due to some nasty weather, and various work-related thingies, but I do need to do more. The exercise bike is feeling neglected and is giving me dirty looks, so I need to get back on that, too. On the other hand, I did manage some good long walks during my week off, so it’s not all bad.


It’s been a quiet month for posting, with this report bringing the total to a relatively sane 47.


Pictures were taken on my week off, and a few more since. I may get some of these posted sooner or later…