A slight lack of reporting

Ooops, forgot to credit David Heron for alerting me to the lack of reporting on this.

Now here’s a funny thing. It seems that at least a couple of thousand people have been participating in a protest against the ConDemNation’s planned NHS deforms, err, sorry, reforms. They’ve been blocking Westminster Bridge, which is a very prominent location, what with it being right next to the Houses of Parliament and all that.

So you’d think something like that would be all over the news media, wouldn’t you? Front page item on BBC News at the very least? Errr, no. Now it seems that BBC News is alive, and able to report things of such massive importance as Paul McCartney getting married again, but for some reason they appear to be unaware of events in the middle of London. Most odd.

Fortunately the Guardian is taking the trouble to report on events, otherwise nobody would have a clue…

Protesters against NHS reforms occupy Westminster Bridge | Politics | guardian.co.uk.

2 thoughts on “A slight lack of reporting

  1. alf stone

    They must have read the Grauniad website as they now running it as second story to “Tory Minister does something vaguely naughty – outrage”.

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