Science Fiction Overload!

Regular readers, and other mythological beings, might recall me getting quite excited about the new Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, and quite giddy about the announcement that loads of out of print sf books were to be issued as eBooks via the Science Fiction Gateway. Well, the happy day has come, more or less.

There is now a beta version of the Encyclopedia freely available to all. It’s not complete, but there are around 3.2 million of the projected 4.3 million words ready any waiting for you:

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Warning: This thing could be an even bigger eater of time than Approach with caution, etc.

Not only that, but the Orion Science Fiction Gateway is up and running, with a moderately large selection of authors. I’ve checked a few, and I’m pleased to see that links are offered to buy books from a good selection of suppliers, including Waterstone’s, Apple and Amazon. A typical price is £4.99, which is not bad at all – not super cheap, but good enough.

Looks like I’ll be renewing my acquaintance with some old friends that I haven’t seen in a lot of years.

SF Gateway

And the only other thing I can say is :tigger: