Tyne pedestrian tunnel to be upgraded

Somehow, I’ve never quite got round to using the Tyne Pedestrian tunnel, but I’m sure I’ll find the right tuit one of these decades..

Anyway, it seems some money has been found for a bit of tarting up. Two of the escalators[1] are to be replaced with inclined lifts, and the other two are to be prettified, which can’t be bad.

But personally, being a pedantic old Les, I’m alarmed by the statement that:

Currently, three of the four escalators are permanently out of service.

Obviously, this is some new definition of the word “permanently” that I was previously unaware of…

BBC News – Tyne tunnels get go-ahead for £4m revamp.

[1] The report isn’t explicit on this, but I presume they mean one at each end

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