The Return of the Stone Roses

So, just a couple of years after guitarist John Squire made the definitive statement

I have no desire whatsoever to desecrate the grave of seminal Manchester pop group The Stone Roses

which most people would have taken as moderately final, it seems things have changed. John Squire and singer Ian Brown have made up their differences, Mani and Reni are on board too, and a band that briefly burned as bright as a very very bright thing are getting back together for a tour. There have even been suggestions of new material being recorded, though I’ll put my excitement on hold for that.

The original Stone Roses album remains one of my all time favourites: it’s a beautifully crafted piece of work with actual proper bloody songs, more attitude than err, something with a lot of attitude and, look, I don’t know where this sentence is going any more, it seems to have wandered off much in the manner that the band did after that first album.

But yes, that first album and a handful of tracks released before and after it (including the glorious 9 minute version of Fools Gold) blended the best of indie guitar with dance rhythms in a way that influenced a lot of bands in the intervening decades. Yes, decades. That album was released in 1989, when the band were young and even I wasn’t all that old really. After a far too long pause, a second album came along, but somehow lacked a certain something. The band split in less than happy circumstances not long after…

I’m definitely interested to see them back together. Whether the reunion will produce anything I actually want to listen to is another matter, of course.

BBC News – The Stone Roses to reunite for tour.