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The Wonderful Book of Doctor Who 1965

Readers with longer memories than me might recall me mentioning something rather nice called The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011, which has since been followed by a 2012 version, which I’ll talk about when it reaches the top of my tuit stack.[1]

Anyway, I wasn’t the only one impressed by the book, as it seems it’s inspired a bunch of cool and talented people to produced an ebook that’s a not quite entirely genuine version of the book based on the first series of Doctor Who, which started in November 1963.

There’s a lovely disclaimer on their about page:

The contents of this book are entirely fabricated and should not be believed, not even the bits that say they are facts. All quotes by persons living or dead are not genuine and are intended for entertainment purposes only. They should not be taken as suggesting or reflecting the opinions then or since of anyone named in this book or connected with the production of Doctor Who at any time, or even of the author of this book.

This book is produced as an homage to The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011 edited by Clayton Hickman. It is for personal amusement and consumption only, and must not be commercially exploited in any way or form. All images are copyright their original owners and no breach of their rights is intended.

And here it is – you can read it on the page, or download a PDF to read on a device of your choice. I’ve only had a quick look so far, but it looks like a finely crafted bit of work, and good fun too.

The Wonderful Book of Doctor Who 1965

Thanks to the ever-informative Doctor Who News Page for the tip on this one

[1] Note: this generally does work as a stack. There are some things I’ve been meaning to read for about ten years now…  :oops:

Weight and Stuff Report – 26 October 2011

Shock horror, down again today, which gets me back down below the dreaded 220 pounds point. Now let’s see if I can stay there this time…

I went for a walk at lunchtime, and gave the new Garmin Fit iPhone app a try. It seemed to lock on to the GPS signal a bit quicker than Runkeeper generally does, and seemed to behave itself nicely. Combined with a dongle, it will also accept data from my Garmin heart rate monitor and footpod, which means that I’d only need to be logging data in one place rather than two, which makes a lot of sense to me.

I had hoped that the Garmin-compatible ANT+ dongle I bought at the same time that I got my Garmin watch would have done the job, but no such luck. I plugged it into my iPhone and the Garmin Fit app denied all knowledge of it. So I’ve ordered Garmin’s own dongle, which should make life easier. It means I won’t need to use the Garmin watch to record my activity, and won’t need the USB thingy either. Cool.

You can see my walk record, complete with map right here. The map’s quite cool – you can choose between Google and Bing maps, as well as the usual choice between street map and satellite pictures. Nifty.

While I was out, I saw a load of people lined up outside this shop. I’m guessing there’s some Halloween activity going on…

Lining up...

Lining up...

Website silliness at its finest

I was going to mutter about one of these, but now I’ve got two, I’ll tie it together into a more generalised mutter session.

I saw a link for LayerCake Elements, which sounded at least mildly interesting, so I clicked, and was presented with this friendly message:

Your point?

Your point?

There I was, innocently using Chrome on a Mac, and the site is helpfully telling me that Internet Explorer is not recommended. Guys, if you’re going to do browser sniffing at all, there are several things to bear in mind:

  1. Get it right
  2. Display any messages in less intrusive ways – an information bar at the top of the window, for instance
  3. Get it right

Better still, write pages that gracefully degrade in browsers that don’t support what you’re trying to do – though it’s worth noting that IE9 supports a lot more stuff these days. Oddly enough, the site seems to be behaving itself today, so this might have been a temporary bit of borkage…

And this morning, I was trying to find some information on the Garmin site – in particular, UK availability for their new iPhone ANT+ dongle, which it seems I’ll need to use with their new Fit application, as it appears not to recognise the other brand one I have already. Maybe their blog might be the place to look? So I clicked the link in the sidebar and saw this comedy page:

Click here

Click here

That’s right. You click a link which takes you to a page telling you to “click here”, but when they say “here” they appear to mean there. A bit to the right. Most odd. Oh, and when I did get there, I didn’t find what I was looking for, which is annoying. And the “Contact Us” page isn’t all that useful either, as it helpfully provides links for technical support, but no apparent email address or contact form for general enquiries. Apparently I’m supposed to write to them, or something like that.