Manic Street Preachers – This is the Day

That excellent Welsh band, The Manic Street Preachers have a new singles collection out tomorrow, which I plan to do something quite unusual with. Rather than grabbing the cheapest download version I can find, I’ll be getting the shiny round thing version. Well, the posh shiny round thing version, which comes with a DVD full of videos as well as two CDs. There are 38 tracks on the compilation, which I may well mutter about when I’ve had a chance to listen to it, but I can tell you that it closes with something a little unusual. It’s a cover of the The The classic This is the Day – one of my favourite songs ever. The original, which is on the essential Soul Mining album[1] is a moody, thoughtful, almost mournful piece, whose tone belies the apparently hopeful words

This is the day your life will surely change
This is the day when things fall into place

But the Manics have taken it, twisted it, replaced the accordion with some properly rockist guitars and made it into a rousing, uplifting sing along monster. And I’m quite happy about that. While the original will always be best for me, this completely different approach to the song manages to be its own thing without losing the essential Matt Johnsonness[2] of it.

The video is a nice collection of archive Manics footage:


[1] Available for less money now than when I first bought it on cassette in the early 80s. Bargain!

[2] It’s a word. I’m sure it is.