Doctor Who Fun and Games

OK, this has been around a bit, but I thought I’d add it here in case anyone missed it. When David Tennant’s time in Doctor Who ended, it was also departure time for Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, executive producer. Well, that couldn’t go unmarked, so there was a wrap party, as is traditional. And some wonderful silliness was involved. For a start, we have just about everybody having fun with the Proclaimers:

Now there’s a wee bit in that where we see the Doctor (David Tennant), the Master (John Simm) and the Lord President[1] (Timothy Dalton) doing there bit. Now that I had seen before. The rest of it, unless my memory is worse than usual, I don’t think I had seen before. Linked here on the usual “if somebody complains, it’ll be gone” basis.

But there’s more. Here we have David Tenant, Catherine Tate and John Barrowman performing a very special song for Russell and Julie. Warning, may contain extreme naughtiness. No, really. It’s quite rude. And very funny.

I’m sure neither of these were ever intended for public consumption (especially the second one!), but here they are!