Weight and Stuff Report – 31 October 2011

Down a bit more today, good stuff. Not quite as low as I’ve been, but close enough for now.

Did I mention that I’ve got a week off  :tigger: ? Well, I have. A week off, that is  :bouncy: . Just thought I’d mention that. This morning, I took a walk to Tesco[1] to get some supplies. I then booked something for something I’m planning to do later in the week[2], which led to a slight change of plan. I was intending to go somewhere else altogether this afternoon[3], but I had a slight problem. I needed to print out a receipt, and found that my printer didn’t want to do it, claiming some feeble excuse about having an empty cartridge. So I decided to take a walk into Newcastle and see if I could get one there.

I walked in via the Baltic, where I had no trouble getting to see the Turner Prize show. Of the four artists involved, I found one to my liking, which is a well-above average score for exhibitions at the Baltic. Of the others, one was vaguely interesting in part, one looked a bit too random and the other totally failed to engage me, though the projectors, TVs and supports that were part of the work were very nice. No doubt people who know and understand more about such things will like them better. Or not.

I then walked into Newcastle, found that I could get the cartridges I needed[4], but at a price that seemed too high a proportion of the cost of a new printer to appeal to me. I decided to return home and do some research on cartridges and printers. And this time I remembered to stop the Garmin thing before I got on the bus to come home[5].

Today’s picture is a view of the Trinity Square development in Gateshead. They’ve kindly put some windows in the fence so the public can see what’s going on. The windows do get a bit mucky, so this isn’t as clear as it might be, but it does give a good idea of the scale of the site, and what a big hole they’ve dug…

Trinity Square Development

Trinity Square Development

Gives an idea of what a big site it is...


[1] See the exciting Garmin chart, which may have been slightly confused by me forgetting to press “Stop” before getting on the bus to come home.
[2] Details being kept quiet for now to maintain an air of suspense
[3] Details also being kept quiet, etc, etc
[4] One’s empty, one’s muttering a bit and another one’s a bit low
[5] Though the Garmin thingy does show an odd speed boost or two. I think stairs confuse it.