Weight and Stuff Report – 2 November 2011

Back up a bit today, but still below the 220 pounds mark, so that’s not too bad.

Today, I got round to doing what I’d originally intended to do on Monday before I was rudely interrupted by my printer not wanting to print. I went to Sunderland on the Metro to see a couple of exhibitions.

The first is the second part of The Wonders of The Invisible World[1] at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art. This is a display of photographic and video work by a number of artists. As with all such things, there was some work which appealed to me, and some which didn’t. But unlike most such things, there was more of the former than the latter. Worth a look – I particularly liked the large screen displaying what I presume was a computer generated image of a starkly lit room, bare except for a mirror seemingly hovering in space at an angle. The viewpoint moved around this, showing the changing reflection, until it moved to the rear of the mirror, where black smoke was pouring out of the surface, accompanied by a slightly menacing sound. Good stuff, and worth a look.

The second was The Truth About Faeries at the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens. This is a nice selection of pictures showing a wide range of interpretations of what Fairies, or indeed Faeries, might be. Quite apart from the art, there are also some of the notorious Cottingley Fairies, which fooled Sir Arthur Conan Doyle among others. Also worth a look, as is the long-term exhibit of L S Lowry’s pictures of the North East.

Behind the museum is a park with some interesting sculpture. I rather liked this walrus

Winter Gardens and Walrus

Winter Gardens and Walrus

After that, I took a bus along the coast to South Shields for a visit to the South Shields Museum and Art Gallery. I was pleased to see the Crossing the Tyne exhibition – I think I saw a previous version of it somewhere else, probably Discovery.

And there’s more! I decided to get maximum value out of my all-zones travel pass that I bought for my week off, so I took the ferry to North Shields. On the short trip, I saw the Tyne Pilot leading a cargo ship out to sea

Pilot leads the way

Pilot leads the way

I got a bus from the ferry landing to the Royal Quays shopping outlet, but as that failed to interest me, I left quite soon after and took another bus, going the indirect way to Whitley Bay. By then I’d had about enough of wandering around, so I went to the Metro Station, and rode back to Newcastle and then got a bus home.

No Garmin evidence today, as I didn’t really do a lot of walking.


[1] Note: at the time of writing, the linked article talks about the artists in the first part, which I missed