Quatermass and the Pit Blu-ray

It seems hard to believe, but it’s nearly seven years since I mentioned the extras-free DVD of Quatermass and the Pit. My only gripe at the time was the quite stunning lack of extra features. Well, that wrong has been righted with this new double-play release. In the box, you’ll find both DVD and Bluray versions of the movie. I watched the Blu-ray version, and all my comments relate to that. As far as I am aware, the extras are the same on both discs.

OK, I still rate this film very highly, and all my earlier comments still hold, so this is more about this release. First up, the image quality is superb. The transfer is clean, sharp, bright and as far as I could see, flawless. Of course, last time I saw it was on a DVD in standard definition rather than Blu-ray on an HD TV, so the improved technology helps. But it looks great, anyway.

Extras are actually present this time – there are a couple of trailers, a different version of the credits, an episode from the World of Hammer TV series (I haven’t watched that bit yet), a commentary from director Roy Ward Baker and writer Nigel Kneale, and a lovely collection of interviews, the most interesting for me being those from horror experts and general all-round excellent people Kim Newman and Mark Gatiss, both of whom I’ve mentioned before.

So this is a good release – a bit more expensive at present than the old one was, but at least you’re getting more for your money this time.

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