Weight and Stuff Report – 8 November 2011

Down again today! Just by a teeny amount, but that’s fine – every little helps, or something.

Despite it being dull, grey and drizzling, I persuaded myself to walk to work again, this time with the heart rate monitor and footpod thingy talking to the Garmin Fit app, which happily recorded my progress.

And I had another walk around in Newcastle at lunchtime, though without the dongle attached, so there’s only the more basic information available for that.

On my lunchtime walk, I passed what used to be the kind of furniture store where you look in the window, wonder who the hell has the money for that kind of thing and move on. Well, it seems that nobody had the money, and it’s now turning into some kind of restaurant. It’s got some interesting decorations. Either that, or they’re left over items from the furniture business:



And it seems they’re trying to appeal to people who really like deserts:

Coming Soon. Apparently

Coming Soon. Apparently

One thought on “Weight and Stuff Report – 8 November 2011

  1. Phredd

    Looks like a fun kinda place. The sign needs some work, tho. It’s got rampant errors and inconsistencies. And, even worse, apostrophe abuse.

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