Mysterious Force!

I spotted this in York on Sunday. I did consider getting a copy of the paper to see what it was about, but decided I preferred the mystery. Or to put it another way, it’s one of those “too good to check” stories[1].

Brakes, I suspect

Brakes, I suspect

Oh, and if you really, really, really want to know, this would seem to be the story.

[1] The classic, and quite possibly apocryphal one being the tale of the enthusiastic BBC researcher who thought that it would be a really good idea to adapt The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for radio…

One thought on “Mysterious Force!

  1. Phredd

    I’ve run into something like this in San Diego. I’ve had my car refuse to respond to the fob or start three times. They’ve all occured when I was parked down near the harbour. Which happens to be the US Pacific Fleet HQ. So, lots of naval radio systems, etc.

    I did some research and found that there were a whole rash of other low-power radio issues – garage door openers, etc – in San Diego. It seems that the manufacturers of the low-power radio devices use whatever frequency they feel like given that they aren’t required to be licensed at their power levels. The problem is that in San Diego (this is where the Pacific Fleet thing is important) the frequency the Ford Motor Company (and others) chose to use belongs to the Navy. Now, in Iowa or Nebraska, the frequency isn’t an issue. Near the HQ of the Pacific Fleet? Different story…

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