Weight and Stuff Report – 12 November 2011

Down again today, good stuff.

It’s been a bright, sunny day today, which encouraged me to go out for a walk with the Canon 5D. I walked into Gateshead, over the Swing Bridge, then along the Quayside to the Spillers Flour Mill, where the demolition is coming along nicely. Pictures of that to follow. From there, I carried on to St Peter’s Basin, where I saw lots of boats.

Then I found the Byker Link footpath/cycleway, something I hadn’t heard of before. Apparently it follows the line of an old railway, which accounts for the odd bits of stone along the way. I’m not sure what this is doing there, but it made the walk worthwhile on its own:

T Rex

T Rex

The path took me all the way to Shields Road in Byker, and that took me over Byker Bridge, through Northumbria University and into the city centre. At that point, I decided I’d walked far enough, and got the bus home.

Here’s a view of today’s route:

Serious Walk

Serious Walk

According to the Garmin Fit thingy, I walked over eight miles, which is the longest I’ve done since September. If you’ve looked at the map and you’re wondering about the zig-zag bit by the river, that’s where I walked up to the Spillers Flour Mill, walked back to the road, then walked along the road and past it. There’s this big fence in the way, you know…

This walk took me past another little milestone thingy – I have now taken just over 10,000 pictures with the Canon 5D MkII, in a little under two and a half years. Which is about 1,000 more than I took with the 30D in three years.

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      I have a backpack with a quick access panel at the side – that’ll hold the camera with anything up to my 70-200mm lens fitted, with compartments for a few other lenses and other bits. I’m back to using a neck strap at present, but I often use a wrist strap.

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