No, no, don’t run away! I’m not about to get philosophical[1], I’m talking about actual optical reflections. With Saturday being such a bright day, and with the sun being quite low in the sky at this time of year, I saw a lot of reflections – in the Tyne, in a big puddle and at St Peters. Here are some of the ones I liked the most:

[1] All I need to know about philosophers I learned from Douglas Adams.

5 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Twisty

    You got some very lovely snaps! Your camera produces wonderful colors. I especially liked “Tyne Bridge”….looks like a painting. The seagull pic was nice, too…shame there was debris in the water. Nice work!

      1. Les Post author

        Quite. “Snaps” are what I get with my phone. Images that involve me moving to the best position, carefully composing and exposing, then applying my Lightroom skills are photographs

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