Weight and Stuff Report – 15 November 2011

Ahem. Cue fanfare, etc. You see that weight figure? Not only is that the lowest weight so far this year, but it’s a whisker under 21 pounds lighter than the extreme of porkiness that I achieved[1] on 2 July. And for the first time, I can give an actual date of when I was last lighter than I am today[2], and that was on 26 August 2009. Woo, and indeed, hoo.

I walked to work this morning, which again produced a strange distance anomaly according to Garmin – it seems to think I went twice as far as I actually did, which is a bit odd.

No such oddness with today’s lunchtime walk, which took me up Northumberland Street[3] then to Exhibition Park, across through what I’d forgotten was called Brandling Park and back into town.

Here’s one of the things I saw, the sadly decayed former museum in Exhibition Park. It’s been closed for years because of safety concerns, and I understand that the city council can’t find the money to repair it, and they’re looking for buyers. Their other alleged option is to apply to have its listing removed so they can have it demolished. That would be a shame…



[1] For want of a better word
[2] I had two extended periods in 2009 when I gave up weighing myself
[3] Dodging the crowds makes this something of a challenge when you’re trying to keep up a good speed

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