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Peter F Hamilton – Manhattan in Reverse

I’ve mentioned the excellent Peter F Hamilton a few times before, generally in relation to his ever so slightly large novels. But he occasionally finds the time to write shorter works, and this is the second collection of them, which brings together all his published “short” stories since his last one, which came out somewhere around 1998. There’s some good stuff here, including a couple of stories featuring Paula Myo, the seriously good investigator from the Commonwealth Saga and the Void trilogy.

As with everything else he’s written, this is very enjoyable, page-turning[1] sf at its best. Highly recommended, and as good an introduction to his work as you could ask for.

[1] Or Kindle button-pressing in my case

BBC News – Doctor Who ‘to be made into film’

This looks like one of those stories that’s spread like very soft butter all over a hot slice of toast or something like that. As far as I can see, somebodyorother is babbling about developing a Doctor Who movie. And as they’re based in Los Angeles, rather than on Earth, they’re babbling about giving the whole thing a complete reboot, rethink and rehash, rather than fitting in with the current TV production.

Now any such movie would have to be cleared by the BBC, and unless the BBC has ben taken over by Daleks, I really can’t see them going for anything of the kind. The TV series is popular, sells well in other countries, and brings in huge amounts of money in DVD, BluRay and merchandise sales. So why would you want to dilute that by allowing some clueless prats in Hollyweird to make an alternative version?

Best to file this under the “total bollocks” heading…

BBC News – Doctor Who ‘to be made into film’.

By popular request…

Well, one person[1] asked for this, anyway. A recent update to Automattic’s quite splendid Jetpack plugin offers a new feature – you can now subscribe for email updates for posts and comments.

If you’d like to get an email every time I post some nonsense, have a look at the box at the bottom of the page (you might need to scroll down a bit). You’ll also find a ticky box or two on individual posts which will let you subscribe for updates on comments.


[1] Hi AJ  :wave:

Weight and Stuff Report – 19 November 2011

Back down today, good stuff.

Today turned out to be bright, sunny and quite mild for the time of year – quite a contrast with last November. So, rather than get on and do the washing, I took the Metro to West Monkseaton, walked to the coast and headed north to St Mary’s Island. It’s been a while since I’d been there, and even longer since I’ve managed to arrive when the tide was out. So I walked over the causeway to the lighthouse, then back to the mainland.

And then I carried on walking though Whitley Bay, Cullercoats and Tynemouth, ending up at the Collingwood monument, at which point I decided I’d probably walked far enough for one day, and got the Metro back to Newcastle, where I made a quick shopping detour before getting the bus home.

I took some pictures, which I’ll sort out when I find some tuits. But for now, here’s one of the sun going down over the Tyne, taken from below the Collingwood Monument.

Sunset over the Tyne

Sunset over the Tyne

Garmin tells me that I walked 9.69 miles, which is the longest walk I have a record of. What next?