BBC News – Doctor Who ‘to be made into film’

This looks like one of those stories that’s spread like very soft butter all over a hot slice of toast or something like that. As far as I can see, somebodyorother is babbling about developing a Doctor Who movie. And as they’re based in Los Angeles, rather than on Earth, they’re babbling about giving the whole thing a complete reboot, rethink and rehash, rather than fitting in with the current TV production.

Now any such movie would have to be cleared by the BBC, and unless the BBC has ben taken over by Daleks, I really can’t see them going for anything of the kind. The TV series is popular, sells well in other countries, and brings in huge amounts of money in DVD, BluRay and merchandise sales. So why would you want to dilute that by allowing some clueless prats in Hollyweird to make an alternative version?

Best to file this under the “total bollocks” heading…

BBC News – Doctor Who ‘to be made into film’.

2 thoughts on “BBC News – Doctor Who ‘to be made into film’

  1. James

    I think this could actually be a good thing for three reasons:

    1. Time lords only have 12 regeneration cycles. At this point, on his 10th regeneration, we’re running dangerously low on new Doctors.

    2. The continuity, while rich and full of content, is becoming confused and hard to pick up. The basic nature of the Time Lords has been changed about 5 times, and the biology of the Daleks has been retconned at least twice.

    3. They’re actually planning to make this a series of movies, so this new continuity could effectively be rolled into the TV series once we lose our 13th Doctor, thus keeping the series alive for another 50 or so years.

    1. Les Post author

      The 12 regenerations thing is easily dealt with – about one line of dialogue would cover it (vague hand waving about it being an artificial restraint imposed by the High Council, mumble mumble Time War, err just because, etc). RTD said something to that effect when he was running things, and I can’t see Steven Moffat (or his successors) having any trouble with it at all.

      Doctor Who was always light on continuity – throughout the original run, continuity was limited to what the current producer and writers could remember. Nothing actually wrong with that.

      The 1996 TV Movie was originally planned to lead into a series. And we know where that ended up…

      I suspect this one will languish in development indefinitely.

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