By popular request…

Well, one person[1] asked for this, anyway. A recent update to Automattic’s quite splendid Jetpack plugin offers a new feature – you can now subscribe for email updates for posts and comments.

If you’d like to get an email every time I post some nonsense, have a look at the box at the bottom of the page (you might need to scroll down a bit). You’ll also find a ticky box or two on individual posts which will let you subscribe for updates on comments.


[1] Hi AJ  :wave:

8 thoughts on “By popular request…

    1. Les Post author

      You have the option of geting email updates on new posts, or on comments on this particular posts. I don’t believe there are any other choices on offer. Any complexity is the responsibility of those Automattic people – all I did was enable the setting.

      Anyway, you can now have what you have previously asked for – is there no pleasing you!?

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