Peter F Hamilton – Manhattan in Reverse

I’ve mentioned the excellent Peter F Hamilton a few times before, generally in relation to his ever so slightly large novels. But he occasionally finds the time to write shorter works, and this is the second collection of them, which brings together all his published “short” stories since his last one, which came out somewhere around 1998. There’s some good stuff here, including a couple of stories featuring Paula Myo, the seriously good investigator from the Commonwealth Saga and the Void trilogy.

As with everything else he’s written, this is very enjoyable, page-turning[1] sf at its best. Highly recommended, and as good an introduction to his work as you could ask for.

[1] Or Kindle button-pressing in my case

2 thoughts on “Peter F Hamilton – Manhattan in Reverse

    1. Les Post author

      I like him a lot – he’s one of the special class of writers where I buy anything he produces as soon as it’s available. I especially liked the Commonwealth Saga, which had the quite wonderful use of trains as interstellar transport. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

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