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Oi, Adobe!

Update: Adobe now has *cough* clarified this. Users of CS3 and CS4 will qualify for “special upgrade pricing” up to the end of 2012. I mutter about this here, or you can see their FAQ.

Like a lot of photographers, I use Adobe Photoshop. It’s not my main tool – the excellent Lightroom does most of the tweaking I need – but there are some jobs for which a full on editing application is essential. As it’s quite an expensive bit of software, I tend not to buy every release – I’ve more or less fallen into a pattern of buying upgrades for alternate versions. Most recently, I went from CS3 to CS5, and I’d more than likely have skipped CS6 and waited for CS7, unless there was some really compelling feature in CS6. Adobe have allowed upgrades from at least two versions back, so that’s been fine.

But according to the well informed Scott Kelby, it appears that Adobe have decided that to upgrade to the forthcoming CS6, you’ll need to have CS5 or CS5.5[1]. If you have CS4, and were expecting to be able to upgrade to CS6, you’re going to be out of luck, unless you upgrade to CS5 first, and effectively pay twice what you might have been expecting.

As Scott points out in his Open Letter to Adobe Systems, this is a wee bit naughty – the rules have been changed without prior warning, which is not a good way to treat your customers.

If you’re a Photoshop user, I recommend you read Scott’s letter. I’m sure there will be a lot more to follow on this subject…

[1] The slightly upgraded version that came with the last suite releases

Getting ahead of things

Well, getting several heads, actually. While I was out on my lunchtime walk, I spotted something interesting at Newcastle University. I’ve no idea how long these heads have been there, but it’s the first time I’ve noticed them, so here they are. Pictures taken with the iPhone, and given minimal treatment. I must go back and take some more serious pictures of these.

Weight and Stuff Report – 21 November 2011

What’s this? Another new low for the year? Can this possibly go on? Only time will tell…

I walked to work this morning, with a slight interruption for a routine medical appointment in the middle[1]. I managed to remember to pause and resume the Garmin app, so the evidence is available.

Not satisfied with that, I took myself for another of my lunchtime walks. I went down some quieter streets to avoid the crowds on Northumberland Street, then walked around Newcastle University, where I saw some interesting things I’ll talk about later, and then a longish way back to the office, made slightly longer because the first branch of Greggs I went to didn’t have either of the sarnies I wanted, and the second had a huge queue. The third was better in both respects, so I had my yummy brie, bacon and cranberry baguette.

But before all of that I passed the Pilgrim Street site, which is now looking quite tidy, with that orphaned bit of road looking quite odd:

All Clear

All Clear

You can see my route in the usual place.

[1] I think they just like to make sure I’m still alive…